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Bulldog Truck & Equipment Sales is a BBB Accredited Truck Dealer in Cumming, GA
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Bulldog Truck & Equipment Sales is a BBB Accredited Truck Dealer in Cumming, GA

DOT Certification Is a Must When Sourcing a Pre-Owned Truck

Lease to Own

If you’re in the market for a semi-truck, you may be considering whether to purchase a new vehicle or a pre-owned one. While buying a new truck may seem like the safer option, pre-owned trucks with DOT certification can be just as reliable and cost-effective. Purchasing a certified pre-owned truck can save you time and money that you would have to spend certifying a truck yourself, and is often the most economical and smart choice for both independent operators and fleets.

What Is DOT Certification?

For a semi-truck to be DOT certified, the vehicle must pass a comprehensive inspection conducted by the Department of Transportation (DOT), which is designed to ensure that the truck is safe to operate on public roads. During the inspection, a qualified inspector examines various parts of the truck, such as the brakes, tires and lights, to identify any potential safety issues. This makes an already DOT-certified truck superior to one not certified, because its roadworthiness is not in question, making it more reliable.

DOT Certification is Cost-Effective and Compliant

Purchasing a pre-owned semi-truck with DOT certification can save you money in the long run. Certified pre-owned trucks are typically well-maintained and in good condition, which means that they may require fewer repairs and have a longer lifespan. This can help you save money on repair costs over the life of the vehicle.

It may appear less expensive to purchase a truck without DOT certification and skip the process entirely. However, if you’re caught driving a semi-truck that isn’t DOT certified, you could face significant fines and other legal consequences. If your pre-owned truck already has its DOT certification, you can ensure you’re operating your vehicle in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Choose a Leasing Partner Who Takes Certification Seriously

Any company who tries to sway you from DOT certification prior to purchasing a pre-owned semi-truck should be a red flag. You will have no way of knowing the potential safety hazards and repair costs you’ll need to bring the truck into compliance.

For businesses seeking a safe and reliable semi-truck leasing program, look no further than Bulldog Truck Sales. With DOT-certified vehicles and a range of other services, we have everything you need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more.

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Bulldog Can Help You Decide Between Buying & Leasing Your Semi-Truck

Lease to Own

The friendly sales personnel at Bulldog Truck Sales can assist you in weighing the advantages and disadvantages of buying new versus used and leasing versus buying.

When purchasing a semi-tractor with a sleeper, there are two main options to consider: buying or leasing. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks, and the choice ultimately depends on the individual’s desires and financial situation.

Likewise, when you decide to buy instead of lease, you must decide whether to buy new or used, which also presents several pros and cons.

One of the primary benefits of buying a used semi-tractor with a sleeper is that it is usually the more cost-effective option. When you buy a vehicle, it’s yours, and when you own it outright, you can make modifications and upgrades as you see fit.

One of the drawbacks of buying a used semi-truck is that the sleeper might need to be configured the way you want it. You have to decide between convenience and cost.

Leasing Versus Buying

On the other hand, leasing a semi-tractor with a sleeper can be more attractive for those who may not have the funds or credit to purchase a vehicle outright. Although, Bulldog Truck Sales can help get you in a semi-truck regardless of your credit history.

Leasing allows for lower monthly payments, and you could get a newer, more technologically advanced vehicle. Additionally, with a lease, the leasing company will bear some of the maintenance and repairs, which can save you money.

Used Versus New

Typically, the cost of buying a used semi-tractor with a sleeper is a more cost-effective option than buying new. New semi-trucks cost $125,000 and up. Electric vehicles, which more states require, cost as much as $250,000.

Bulldog Truck Sales has hundreds of quality used trucks with many sleeper amenities. You can look through as many vehicles as you like until you find what you want. No hurries—no hassles.

Buying a used vehicle eliminates the risk of mileage and wear-and-tear penalties often come with leasing a vehicle.

Bankrate.com says, “As a quick rule of thumb, a car or truck will lose between 15% and 20% of its value each year.”

Why not avoid that 15% to 20% reduction in value by buying a previously owned vehicle?

Furthermore, buying a used semi-truck from Bulldog Truck Sales eliminates the need to worry about mileage limitations, as you can use the truck as much as you need, unlike leasing a new truck, where you might have to pay extra if you exceed the agreed-upon mileage limit.

Contact Bulldog Truck Sales for more information and help with buying or leasing your new truck.

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Should You Lease Your Truck? Pros and Cons of Semi-truck Leasing

Lease to Own

The trucking industry has faced a big struggle in the past few years. Gas prices have been high, supply chains have been disrupted and the economy has been rough for everyone. However, economies bounce back, supply chains ease and gas prices fluctuate all the time. The bottom line is trucking will never go out of style because goods always need to move. When it comes to whether to buy or lease a semi-truck, there are pros and cons to each.

Why Lease Your Semi?

Leasing your next semi may be the answer to a tough economy. You have lower costs upfront when you lease, and even your monthly payment tends to run lower than when purchasing. This factor alone can make leasing the right option. In addition, working with a truck leasing company can help you get on the road for less money and make those payments in fewer miles.

Another great reason to lease your semi is maintenance costs. Maintaining a semi can add up fast when you are the one who pays the bills. It often leads to not taking good care of the vehicle due to expenses. And not maintaining your semi to keep it running its best will cost you time and money down the road. The lessor pays for maintenance when you lease, saving you some real money.

If you are new to the trucking business, leasing your truck makes good sense. The trucking business isn’t easy, with long hours, lonely road trips and a lot of time away from home. With a lease, you have the luxury of trying out the business without the deep commitment of a huge purchase. Then, when you’ve had time to see if the lifestyle suits you and your family, you can move into ownership if you desire.

When you lease, you can upgrade to a newer or better model at the end of your lease. Unfortunately, purchasing doesn’t give you this option without trading in and starting over.

Pitfalls of Leasing

The biggest pitfall of leasing your semi is you aren’t creating any equity with your payments. Much like renting a home versus buying, your money is gone, but your assets are not increasing.

Another leasing drawback is you may pay more in the long run than if you buy. The convenience of leasing will likely cost you cash money.

If you choose to lease, make sure you read your contract carefully. Some lessors slip in legal verbiage that winds up to your detriment without you realizing it. For example, you may be limited to a preset number of miles. Or you may not receive benefits from the company you work for because you aren’t considered an owner. In addition, you may face some heavy fees if you choose to end your lease early.

Can Leasing Your Truck Be Your Answer?

Leasing can be the absolute best choice for you to get in or stay in the trucking business. The most important thing you can do is only work with a company that is honest and straightforward. If you’re wondering about leasing a semi-truck, stop in at Bulldog Truck Sales today and learn more about our leasing program. You may find that leasing a truck is step one to a new future.

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The Price of a New Semi Tractor Can Be Scary — Here’s an Alternative

Lease to Own

So, you’ve had it with that crooked fleet manager who constantly gives the better routes to “friends” who give him kickbacks and decided to get your own truck.

It would be best to consider some things before you get trapped in a new truck you can’t afford. New trucks now cost between $125,000 and $200,000. Paying that off and paying the mortgage on the family home, among other things, can be challenging.

Leasing Used Trucks

Bulldog Truck Sales has excellent used trucks that you can lease to own on a short-term loan of two or three years. Before you know it, you’ll be an owner-operator with the opportunity to become a small fleet owner with two or three used trucks.

But first, you need to know the options. You need to establish the following:

  • What is the price of a traditional loan, and can you qualify for one?
  • The cost of leasing with no down payment.
  • Warranty information.
  • What will be your total monthly payout, including the lease payment, maintenance, fuel, insurance and other necessities, to ensure you can afford the lease?
  • Your credit scores — most lenders require a 620 or better for a new truck — at Bulldog, we can accept blemishes and less-than-perfect credit.

At Bulldog, we can get you in a previously owned truck with a great warranty and maintenance plan to reduce operating costs.

The Fast Track to Ownership

Plus, depending on your budget, we can work out a monthly payment on a short-term lease with a low 15 to 30% down payment. At the end of the lease, you’ll be a proud truck owner with more money in your pocket than with a traditional loan.

We have flexible credit standards that will allow you to finance to own an excellent semi-truck. Maintenance costs on a semi are astronomical. All the preventive maintenance costs for brakes, tires, lights and oil changes alone can cost up to 50-100k per year.

Leasing from Bulldog means you’ll be an independent owner-operator, free from the shenanigans of a fleet manager. Owning a pre-owned truck means less money out of your pocket each month because you won’t pay the 20% depreciation you lose by driving a new, $200,000 semi-truck off the lot.

Contact us today to learn more.

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5 Reasons to Jump on the Truck Leasing Train

Lease to Own

Are you stuck working for a trucking company and dreaming about owning your own independent trucking operation? If you are tired of making less than you are worth and padding the bank accounts of your employer, it is time to think about obtaining your own rig. Buying a semi requires taking a big financial risk, but there are other options. Here are five reasons to consider leasing your first truck from Bulldog Truck Sales in Atlanta, GA.

1. Minimal Upfront Costs

Buying a commercial truck can require a large down payment that may be more than you can afford. Truck leasing does require a down payment, but it is usually much less than you will need for a commercial truck loan.

2. Poor Credit? Leasing Has More Options

Those with questionable credit will find more options available to them when they pursue truck leasing versus buying. Leasing does not require the same credit rating and even those with poor credit can often find a lease program that will work for them.

3. Less Long-Term Risk

When you opt to lease your first truck, you are not locked in for years and years. If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to drive or afford your lease, you can cancel and return the truck. Leasing has fewer long-term financial risks for your future.

4. More Truck For Your Money

With leasing, you may be able to get more truck for your money. Instead of buying an older, outdated model due to cost restrictions, you can lease a newer truck with the features you want to enhance your experience and profitability.

5. Become an Owner Faster

If you are working toward becoming an independent truck driver, you can realize your dream faster through leasing. You do not need to clean up your credit, save a large down payment or jump through all the hoops of ownership. With truck leasing, you could be driving your own truck and working for yourself in no time at all.

If you are ready to become your own boss and begin making more money, jump on the truck leasing train. Contact our team at Bulldog Truck Sales in Atlanta, GA to begin the process of leasing your first big rig today!

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Own Your Own Truck with Bulldog Leasing

Lease to Own

If owning your own semi-truck is your dream, you won’t find a better opportunity than with Bulldog Truck Sales commercial leasing. Since 2007, we’ve leased over $100 million in trucks to owner-operators just like you. Some of them even have less-than-perfect credit – but that doesn’t stop us from helping aspiring truckers fulfill their dreams!

Lease to Own Programs Put You in the Driver’s Seat

Bulldog Truck Sales designs our leasing programs with the goal of you owning a reliable truck after just a few years. Even if you have experienced credit problems in the past, we lease reliable, fuel-efficient and late model trucks that are DOT ready and feature a one-year engine warranty. Your short term lease is designed to help you be successful, not place extra burdens to make your dreams fail.

  • Low down payments
  • No leasing or financing application fees
  • No hidden charges
  • New businesses with contracts can be approved
  • Same-day approvals

Truck leasing and flexible financing is what we do best at Bulldog Truck Sales. Our specialists work with every client on a personal basis to design and offer the best possible deal that meets your needs. You can expect to be treated with courtesy, respect and professionalism, and receive the best deal available on like-new equipment that is road ready and reliable for the long haul.

Owner-Operators and Fleets Welcome

Bulldog Truck Sales welcomes owner-operators and fleet operators to buy or lease the best available over-the-road equipment. Every truck we sell or lease has completed our own extensive inspection process, so we can confidently offer you a road ready truck with a one-year engine warranty and preventive maintenance plan.

Drive for any US carrier and choose from our huge inventory of like-new, late model trucks from popular and reputable manufacturers.

  • International
  • Freightliner
  • Kenworth
  • Peterbilt

Contact Bulldog Truck Sales in Cumming, Georgia, near Atlanta today for more information or to speak with one of our customer service representatives about buying or leasing a truck. We can take your application right over the phone. You can also apply for leasing on our website. Learn more about how Bulldog Truck Sales can make your dream of owning your own truck come true.

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Cut Your Shipping Costs


Every competitive business needs to cut its shipping costs. If your business requires the transport of goods over a regular route, now is the time to seriously consider expanding your business to include shipping your own raw materials and product.

With today’s high transportation costs, shipping your raw materials or sending your finished product to market may cut your profit margin to the bone. If these costs have become painful or if regular delivery has become unreliable, it may be time to talk to some experts about expanding your business to include some or all of your own transportation capabilities.

Options for a Truck

The industry reports that there is an increased supply of semi-trucks on the market. Thus, prices for them are coming down. Financing is still available for purchases and leases of quality used rigs. Locking into rates before interest rates go up is a matter of timing. Cut your starting costs and act fast. Begin by contacting the industry experts at Bulldog Truck Sales in Atlanta.

Finding Drivers

The news has been full of reports on the lack of CDL drivers in the shipping business. Many of the drivers are aging out. They may not want the hassle of operating their own rig. Younger drivers with families tend not to like being away from their wives and children for long stretches of time. However, if your routes can cut their days away from home, you can increase the appeal to drivers who have young families.

Increase Reliability and Reaction Time

Owning your own fleet, either large or small, means that you are in control of the shipping schedule. You can plan for the delivery of your raw materials in a timely manner and be more reactive to changing markets. Being able to react to markets in a time-sensitive manner can be the difference between cutting your costs or cutting your profits.

Look at the Numbers

The experienced staff at Bulldog Truck Sales in Atlanta is a great place to look at the numbers and start your research. Cut your shipping costs and create a dependable schedule for delivery of your raw materials and finished products. Begin with a reliable high-quality truck and get in control of your own shipping needs.

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When Truck Fleet Needs Exceed Your Budget

Truck Fleet

Building a business that relies on having a fleet of trucks is challenging. The big players can dominate any industry with available cash flow and advanced technology. If you are starting out with aspirations for rapid growth, solutions are available with truck leasing programs in Atlanta.

Truck companies are a crucial part of the U.S. economy. About 70% of cargo that is transported around the country is moved by large commercial trucks. If you want in on these lucrative industries, building a fleet to meet the needs of your customers is essential.

Budgeting Constraints

Purchasing a fleet of trucks is not a feasible option for small to medium-sized startups. It can cost over $170,000 to buy a truck outright, with annual maintenance costs of up to $180,000. If your credit isn’t the greatest, you may not qualify for financing, even if your projected budget can cover the cost.

A truck leasing program is designed to provide independent owners and smaller fleets with an alternative solution. Affordable trucks will allow you to expand your fleet and provide excellent services. Late model semi-trucks for lease are a cost-effective option that won’t tie you down.

DOT-ready trucks that include a one-year engine warranty can provide solutions to your budgeting problem. After a two or three year lease, you can own a high-quality truck that increases the strength of your fleet. At Bulldog Truck Sales, we invite you to test drive any of our trucks before engaging with our services.

Quality Truck Lease

Expanding your fleet can open new opportunities in your industry. It is impossible to compete with larger businesses with limited finances. Our truck lease program is transparent and designed to benefit small to medium-sized fleet operators.

We also offer a referral program that could see you earning $250,000 per referral that leads to a truck sale. Our goal is to support you in expanding your fleet without stretching your finances. If you are interested in test driving quality late model trucks, contact our Atlanta offices today.

Call Bulldog Truck Sales to learn more about our lease program or to learn more about our profitable referral scheme.

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How About a Lease During These Tough Times?

Truck Leasing

It’s no secret gas prices are beyond ridiculous these days, and that’s a big deal when you drive for a living, especially for independent drivers. So, what can you do? Before you give up, look at a lease.

Isn’t Leasing Just Throwing Money Out the Window?

A common thought is that leasing is only for the wealthy with great credit scores. At the end, all your money is gone, and you have nothing to show for it.

At Bulldog Truck Sales, we do things differently. We understand how the world works and that your credit score sometimes may not look its best. But we don’t let it stop us from leasing a rig to you or putting it on a rent-to-own plan. That way, when you get rolling, you don’t need to worry about the maintenance because your lease will cover it. Each step brings you closer to owning your own rig, even if your credit is less than stellar.

How Can You Apply for a Lease of Your Own?

Here at Bulldog Truck Sales, we know that things on paper don’t always tell the whole story. Instead, we leave a little room along the margins. If you’ve got some history that has problems, but you’ve pulled yourself back from the edge and you’re trying to get a fresh start, you came to the right place. When you think about owning your own semi-truck, consider our Leasing Program and see how we can help make your dream of being an independent driver with your own truck happen.

Your Payment Could Be LOWER With a Lease

While we offer an active lease program that moves forward faster than others, it doesn’t mean you are paying more. Talk to us, and let’s see if we can find a lease that works for you. We want to see you succeed in turning your lease into a purchase as things improve.

Whenever you are considering a lease, investigate the benefits. Are your maintenance costs covered? They should be. Is it possible to lease a truck with $5000 down? We might be able to do that for you! What about the DOT? When you work with us at Bulldog Truck Sales, we ensure your truck is DOT-ready when you buy it. A good lease doesn’t have hidden costs and fees. It’s clear and it’s achievable. You can apply FREE for a lease with Bulldog Truck Sales.

Contact Bulldog Truck Sales to discuss how a big rig lease could help you make more in this economy.

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Small Trucking Companies Must Work Harder


Small family-owned businesses must work harder to survive in the trucking industry. The dream for many is to own a small business making great money doing what they love. The dream often includes a wonderful atmosphere where everyone knows and cares for each other. Unfortunately, reality often falls short of this dream.

Surviving vs. Thriving

The truth is, small family businesses can survive, but all too often fail to thrive. This is why it is important for a small business to expand and build their fleet as well as their brand.

Look at the numbers. The trucking industry is fortunate in that it is an exact science with numbers to back it up. You will notice that as the size of your fleet increases, the costs per rig decreases. Scaling larger makes a company more efficient.

Trucking is a Cutthroat Industry

Bigger outfits have the advantage of volume. This means that they can afford to price smaller businesses out of the market. The problem is under-capitalization. Small businesses cannot afford any mistakes. The lack of money and cash flow hurts them.

Keeping up with Technology

As time passes, technologies also improve. It is important to keep up, so that your business can thrive. The trucking industry has increasingly become an endless changing game where the smaller, less efficient companies are constantly being squeezed out by the larger, more efficient outfits. Any business these days must change with the times to remain competitive.

Know Your Industry

It is vital that you understand your business and what it is going to take to survive and preferably thrive for the next 10 years and beyond. There is a huge amount of historical data available that can be easily projected into the next decade or more. Understand your profits and capital expenditures based on the size of your operation and the technology you choose to employ.

Do not be mistaken, scale is not everything. You must employ leading technology, cutting-edge management and continue on a large scale for a long time before you can become financially stable and thrive. It is a long road to success.

Do Not Wait for Success

Bulldog Truck Sales is here to help you build your company. Businesses that settle for less get less. Mediocrity does not reap big rewards. Stack the deck in your favor and work with people who can help you reach your goals. Call now.

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