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Bulldog Truck & Equipment Sales is a BBB Accredited Truck Dealer in Cumming, GA
Bulldog Truck Sales, Atlanta, GA
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Bulldog Truck & Equipment Sales is a BBB Accredited Truck Dealer in Cumming, GA

3 Reasons to Choose a Commercial Truck Lease


Are you looking for a high-quality commercial truck in Atlanta, Georgia? As a business owner, a commercial truck can be a powerful asset. If you need to haul equipment or perform other tasks, leasing over buying can be a better financial investment. Here are the top three reasons to choose a commercial truck lease.

Increased Profit Margin

Buying a commercial truck can include hidden costs such as overhead maintenance and taxes. You may be required to pay finance charges. A commercial truck lease can lead to an increased profit margin through lower monthly payments and no hidden costs. This will give you more money to operate your business and deliver a better experience for your customers. Leasing also eliminates depreciation costs that can occur with new truck ownership.

Fewer Maintenance and Repair Costs

Owning a truck puts the responsibility of maintenance and repairs on your shoulders. A commercial truck lease can include a preventive maintenance plan that covers routine inspections, oil changes and tire replacement. Trucks from Bulldog Truck Sales are DOT inspected and also come with a 90-day Premium engine and after-treatment warranty.

Flexible Credit Standards

With a commercial truck lease for a used vehicle, the credit standards can be more flexible than trying to apply for financing to own. Even the most successful businesses can be evaluated as a credit risk to some lenders. With pre-owned vehicles, credit risks are much lower, making it easier to get approved. At Bulldog Truck sales, you can get guaranteed financing no matter what your credit looks like with a 15% to 30% down payment. You can be on the road in less than 48 hours.

Georgia In-House Commercial Truck Lease Financing Program

Vehicle prices have recently been on the rise, making leasing an attractive alternative. Protect your bottom line by making the best financial investment for your company. Pre-owned commercial trucks are available for lease through Bulldog Truck Sales at affordable prices. If you have credit issues, attractive financing options and low down payments can help you get the best truck for your needs. Apply for commercial truck lease financing and get on the road today.

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Buying a New Rig: How to Buy a Pre-Owned Semi-Truck with the Benefits of New


If you’re considering buying a semi-truck, whether it’s your first or 21st, you need to know a few things upfront to make the most of your money – both in the purchase and over the long haul. First, be sure to consider the type of driving/hauling you do when looking at purchase options. For example, are you a long-hauler who needs that good mileage? Or are you moving the heavy goods and need more power?

Be sure to talk with your fellow truckers and get some firsthand opinions from the real experts. Whether you ask the drivers or ask the salespeople, there are several things to consider.

New or Used?

Like everything you buy, you’ll have fans of purchasing new vs. purchasing used semi-trucks. How to decide is also like most things. How much money do you have? How large of a payment can you handle? How do you feel about repairs?

A new truck is going to cost more up front. However, if you can afford the monthly payments, your out-of-pocket expenses should diminish. You should see fewer repairs and potentially get better mileage with a new truck.

Should you choose to go the used route, you can save a lot of money. Consider how much a new truck drops in value when you put it on the highway. You may have a lower monthly payment when you buy used based on a smaller loan. However, repairs will happen more frequently, and your warranty on a used truck will likely be limited and short.

Have You Considered Leasing?

One way to get into the trucking game without purchasing a vehicle, or to build your fleet, is to consider leasing a semi-truck. When you lease, you let many of the worries roll right off your back. You might pay more per month, but repairs fall on the company you lease from. In addition, depreciation is no longer your concern. After the lease is up, you can move on to a newer model. In addition, some truck leasing businesses offer a lease-to-own program, which puts your money right back in your pocket.

At Bulldog Truck Sales, we like to see our leases lead to owning your vehicle in just a few years. We work with you and will even help you get back on your feet if you need that. We understand all our customers are looking for a great truck at a fair price. We stand by our motto: “We find a way to say Yes!” Contact us today to find out more.

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Essential Gear for Essential Drivers


Congratulations! You have just joined one of the most important workforces in the United States. Now that you are ready to begin your trucking career, you need to decide what items to take in the truck. As you gain more experience, you will find your special set of gear, but what do you take when you don’t know what you’ll need?

Any suggestions as you prepare for your first run need to be considered in light of how long you’ll be on the road, weight and space limitations. The supplies you need for just a few days may be quite different from those for runs that will keep you away from home a month or more. Space is obviously at a premium in a truck, even if you’re operating a palace-on-wheels. Finally, the weight of the truck is of paramount importance. In many cases, every pound used for frivolous personal items means less money-making freight hauled.

Truck Maintenance

It’s been said, “If it’s got tires, it’s going to give you trouble.” With more tires comes more trouble. A small set of basic tools could be one of your best investments. A hammer can be used as a tire thumper, and basic wrenches and sockets (be sure to check whether you need metric or standard) can lessen the time and money needed for a service call. A basic set of bulbs and fuses is another good idea, especially if your truck is covered in chicken lights.

As you put more miles behind you, you’ll get to know the quirks of your equipment. You may find it useful to carry an air hose and chuck for tires. An independent owner-operator will also have different needs from a company driver. Veteran drivers can also be a valuable resource and are generally quite welcoming to new operators.

Body Maintenance

If your truck isn’t equipped with a fridge, a small cooler to keep food for a day or two can cut down on time and money for meals. Packing your own meals is also a good way to make healthy food choices, such as fruits and vegetables, more convenient. Many drivers like to have munchies along for the drive, but these can be some of the least healthy foods in our diet. If you need something to crunch, consider keeping popcorn, portions of nuts or baby carrots handy.

Sanity Maintenance

Last, but certainly not least, your mental health is one of your most important assets. Anything to keep your mind active and exercised can help keep you alert as the miles drag on. An audio book subscription can be an excellent way to learn and be entertained. When you have down time, a current road atlas is helpful to study your route as well as exercise your capacity for map memory. Puzzle books that can be found at nearly any grocery store can also provide hours of fun and mental stimulation.

If you haven’t yet purchased or leased a truck to start your career but are ready to get going, give Bulldog Truck Sales a call and we can help you get on the road.

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Exercise and Diet is Essential for Trucker Health


The stereotype of the slovenly trucker has been played out on TV and movies. However, there is at least a grain of truth in this image. Truck drivers spend quite a lot of time on the road, which also means eating on the go. Dietary options are often limited to food with high fat and sugar content. This can lead to increased risk of serious health conditions, including cardiovascular disease and heart failure.

If your job or business involves driving a truck for long periods with very little time for breaks, it is important to consider your health. Some truck stops have access to a gym, allowing long-haul drivers to exercise on the move. You can also check each route for treks that will allow you to stretch your legs and counter the effects of being in a sedentary position for most of the day.

Enjoying Time Off

Most truckers work long hours, so relaxing during down time is an attractive prospect. Wherever possible, use this time to engage in activities that exercise the body. This is also an opportunity to eat healthier meals after spending time dining in truck stop restaurants.

While it is important to relax, sedentary activities will not allow you to maintain your health. Individuals can go for a run or work out during time off. If you have a family, spending time with the kids can provide the exercise you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Diet & Exercise on the Move

You do not need to rely on rest stop gyms or local treks to maintain health and fitness. A small dumbbell set is ideal for working out when you are on the road. You should also consider bringing healthy meals in a cooler box to avoid relying on the fried or fatty foods that are often found at roadside restaurants.

Take advantage of every opportunity to stretch your legs and get that heart rate pumping. Sitting in the cabin of a truck for eight hours is bad for blood circulation, the joints and can contribute to rapid weight gain. The truck drivers of this great nation are valued for the work they do and as treasured family members.

If you are considering a business that involves the use of a truck, reach out to Bulldog Truck Sales for cost-effective solutions today.

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Why Lease a Semi-Truck? The Pros & Cons


When you’re a small fleet owner or want to be an owner-operator, you should look at all sides before you decide to buy rather than lease a semi-truck.

Maybe you’re a recent trucking school graduate, and you want to own your truck rather than commit to a trucking firm. You will have more independence, and as a new truck driver, you could have more financial and personal freedom as an owner-operator.

However, buying a truck is not always an option for the recent graduate because they’ve been unemployed for a while, have less than perfect credit or both. Either of those could keep you from getting a loan to buy a truck, which typically costs double or triple a new car.

Do not let bad credit keep you out of the driver’s seat as an owner-operator. After looking over these advantages and drawbacks, talk to the friendly Bulldog Truck Sales professionals.

#1 Pro or Advantage — You Don’t Need Great Credit

As stated above, unemployed and owner-operators with bad credit usually can’t get a bank loan for a semi-truck. When you lease a previously owned semi from Bulldog, you have more options and a truck with a warranty.

#1 Con or Drawback — The Lease Framework Could Be Complicated

Be careful that you read the contract carefully and understand everything before signing. If you don’t understand anything, it could be worth it to hire a lawyer to read and explain how it works and if everything is legal.

It would be best if you were particularly careful when you lease-to-own from your trucking firm.

#2 Pro — You Will Eventually Own the Truck, Not Owned by the Trucking Firm

If you plan it right, make your payments on time and save whatever the cash-out will be at the end of the lease payment term, you can own the truck.

#2 Con — You Don’t Own the Truck Until It Is Paid

To many, that is only a technicality, but if you want to modify the engine or sleeper, you must have approval from the business leasing it to you or specified in the contract.

Once again, be sure to plan for the end of the lease so that you can buy it, renew the lease or lease another, though that might require another down payment.

#3 Pro — Reduced Maintenance Costs

Since your leased semi-truck has a warranty and usually some maintenance built into the lease, it could be cheaper.

#3 Con — Not All Built-In Maintenance Is Convenient

Just because the warranty or lease has an “escrow account” for maintenance, you might have to use a specific fleet repair company to take advantage of it. Another consideration might be a minimum expense to draw from the escrow account. If the minimum is $500 and the repair cost is $450, you might have to pay out-of-pocket.

Final Thoughts about Leasing

All things considered, if you plan it well, understand the lease, warranty and escrow account limits, leasing a truck from Bulldog Truck Sales could make you a proud, independent trucker in an excellent truck. Call Bulldog Truck Sales today to learn more.

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Trucks Open Doors to New Business Opportunities


When thinking about business ideas, a truck can open doors to new opportunities. Transporting goods and equipment covers a broad range of entrepreneurial startups. You could end up running a lucrative enterprise that provides essential services in your community.

Furniture Removal

People are always looking for an affordable and reliable moving service. A truck will allow you to build up your business and reputation. This type of business involves handling heavy and fragile items, so make sure you promote caution and keep your customers’ possessions safe.

Waste Removal

Due to the pandemic and more people staying at home, renovations and DIY projects are on the rise. This surge presents an opportunity for an enterprising individual. Waste removal is an ideal way to make money and build a successful business.

Event Management

If you have a flare for planning, organizing and implementing events, your skills may transfer to a business. Event management is now accessible to most people. This is due to the amount of competition in the industry. Besides leasing a truck, you may have to lease or buy equipment to facilitate event management.

Construction Equipment Transport

Construction specialists work to tight deadlines. The contractor really cannot spare the time to transport equipment from one site to another. This provides an opportunity for 3rd party contractors to provide a much-needed service by taking over the job of construction equipment transport.

Mobile Catering

There are various ways to build a successful mobile catering business. Linking up with event organizers is one path you could take. There are also opportunities to make money by providing lunch to employees in busy business hubs in your city.

Kids Party Entertainment Equipment

There is always a market for providing entertainment equipment for kids’ parties. Bouncy castles, inflatable play areas, game equipment, popcorn machines and anything else that will keep kids happy represents a profit on every job.

If you are facing issues trying to lease a suitable vehicle for your business idea, get in touch with Bulldog Truck Sales today. We provide affordable options for ambitious individuals just like you.

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Storage Wars in Georgia Without a Truck?


The world-renowned reality show, Storage Wars, documents the lives of thrift and pawn store owners who compete for abandoned treasures. Each unit costs upwards of a thousand dollars, with no guarantee that the bidder will make their money back. As a lucrative way to purchase resalable products, storage auctions have become popularized by the show.

When buyers do manage to secure a unit, transport plays an important role in the process. Many of the auctioneers who promote these sales put time limits on clearing a purchased unit. If treasure hunters do not have adequate transport, there is a good chance that some items will get left behind.

Cost-Effective Truck Lease

Storage hunters are thrifty by nature, which means that transport solutions must be cost-effective. The units involved in auctions are typically large in order to accommodate a large amount of home or business possessions. Hiring or owning a truck is therefore the best solution for those in this line of business.

The nature of the business also points toward store or individual traders preferring not to get tied into long lease contracts. Ideally, a truck lease should only last as long as it takes the proprietor to buy the vehicle outright. On the flip side, there are lots of gambles involved in the buying and selling of second-hand products, so a lease is actually preferable for many traders.

Low Cost, High Reward

Getting the most out of any deal is a cornerstone of the used goods industries. When leasing a truck, the things that matter to pawn shop owners include no hidden fees, right to buy, short-term lease and low monthly payments. There are several other conditions that these shrewd negotiators value – all of which are available from Bulldog Truck Sales.

Our commitment to customers is simple. We have created lease conditions that are geared toward affordability and assurances of quality service. When growing your business, our team wants to ensure that you have the power to transport all the products you buy and sell.

Call Bulldog Truck Sales today to learn more or begin your lease and purchasing journey from the comfort of your home.

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When Leasing or Buying a Truck, Consider the Truck, Sleeper & Payment

Truck Leasing

Are you looking for an affordable semi-truck to enter the transport business as an independent operator? From our standpoint, there are three things you must consider while shopping for a semi-truck: that’s the truck, the sleeper and the payment. There are crucial offshoots from those three categories but if you compare those three items, you should come out with a truck you can live with and within.

The Truck

Whether you love the look of the exterior or not, if you get a truck with a strong engine that requires little maintenance, has excellent fuel efficiency and a solid warranty, its looks are not as essential to making a living with it.

In a recent popularity poll conducted by Drive My Way, in the article, 5 Best Semi Trucks for Truck Drivers, 32% of the respondents preferred Peterbilt, Freightliner 26%, Volvo 23% and Kenworth 19%. Although they asked CDL holders, this poll was open to the public, so some voters likely never rode in one of these trucks, let alone owned one. “Volvo has the best comfort — feels more like a home than a truck,” says Kenith Langley.

For most truck drivers, the best truck is either the one they are driving or the one they wish they could afford. Despite the poll, the article’s writer says Freightliner is #1, but states that the Peterbilt is the “Harley Davidson of the trucking world.”

American truckers are loyal to Freightliner, Peterbilt and Kenworth primarily, but you can’t go wrong with any of these (the Volvo is an excellent truck, more popular in Europe & Africa) with a robust engine, a great warranty and a proven maintenance track record. The folks at Bulldog will be happy to show you the maintenance records of the truck you choose.

At the end of the day, it will come down to personal preference and how comfortable you are in the sleeper.

The Sleeper

The sleeper must be comfortable and accommodating for you. The more creature comforts it has, the happier you’ll be spending time there while not behind the wheel.

The most-asked for options in the sleeper include:

  • TV/monitor (most prefer a 32” screen)
  • Kitchen sink & countertop
  • A multiple burner stovetop
  • A microwave
  • A toilet and shower
  • A table
  • A comfortable & convertible couch/bed
  • Storage/closet space

Bulldog Truck Sales has some of the best previously owned trucks with comfortable sleepers.

The Payment

This is really where the rubber meets the road. When you buy or lease a truck with a high payment, you might wind up losing it if you can’t make the payment. It’s essential to consider those rough times when loads are not plentiful.

Bulldog Truck Sales can put you in a fantastic truck of your choice, with a comfortable sleeper, a warranty on the engine and a payment you can afford. Talk to a Bulldog Truck Sales representative about a high-quality used truck to buy or lease.

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What to Consider Before Leasing a Big Rig

Truck Leasing

When you’re considering a big rig or semi, whether it’s new or previously owned, consider these high points before making that massive investment.

First, consider, is it better to buy or lease? Unlike buying a personal vehicle, it is an investment. This truck is where you will spend the majority of your time over its lifetime. It’s your primary asset for a paycheck. Then, read the contract thoroughly. If you have questions, ask them.

What Are the Benefits of Leasing over Buying?

Flexibility is the crucial benefit of leasing over buying. If you’re a small fleet owner, leasing two or three previously owned trucks gives you more bang for your buck. You can put three trucks loaded with cargo out there on the road rather than just one you had to pay a lot more for than previously owned. That’s the kind of flexibility worth considering.

If you’re an owner-operator, leasing gives you the flexibility of getting out from under a truck you’re not happy with after two or three years rather than owning it.

If you’re an established trucker who has a substantial down payment (about 25%) and excellent credit, owning a new truck will undoubtedly be a lot cheaper in the long run. Plus, every payment is like a mortgage payment, and you build equity in the truck.

Then, once it’s paid off, it’s yours. No more payments until it has to be replaced. That can be a great feeling. Hopefully, that is at least ten years after it is paid off.

However, you could do the same with a lease-to-own from Bulldog Truck Sales. Although, you won’t need excellent credit or a massive down payment. Bulldog has many used late model, brand name trucks to choose from with sleepers and options that will make your life on the road more comfortable. This is often a much better choice, with less hassle than leasing from the fleet you drive for, which has many drawbacks.

You can read more about that in our blog, Should You Lease a Tractor-Trailer to Become an Owner-Operator.

Read Your Contract Carefully & Understand It Fully

Too many drivers focus only on new trucks. Buying a slightly used truck gives you a much better choice of options and affordability. However, in most cases, you need to know your warranty.

Bulldog Truck Sales provides a one-year warranty on the engine of your big rig. That’s nearly unheard of when buying a used semi. That warranty provides the buyer unparalleled peace-of-mind because most other repairs on a big rig are minor compared to engine parts and replacement. Talk to Bulldog Truck Sales today about leasing or buying a high-quality previously owned semi.

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How Do Your Long-Haul Trucking Comforts Stand Up to Scrutiny?

Trucking Business

Until you have taken a long-haul trip in a truck, it’s hard to imagine the potential levels of discomfort. These journeys are not for everybody, so making life as easy and comfortable as possible is a must.

A heavy goods vehicle is your home while you are on the road. Most drivers do not have the luxury of staying in a nice hotel or motel overnight. If this sounds like your typical working week, it’s time to consider basic comforts.

Sitting Comfortably

The driver’s seat is where you will spend the vast majority of your time, so that is where the comfort concern primarily lies. The seat itself is important, but you should also consider investing in a cushion that is designed for long-haul travel.

Orthopedic cushions are ergonomically designed to support the joints and healthy blood circulation. If you are experiencing extreme discomfort, it could lead to more serious health concerns. Any symptoms that persist when not behind the wheel should be brought to the attention of your doctor.

Sleep Like a Baby

No matter how long your journey or deadlines, driving without a break is not recommended. When you have to sleep, rest is essential. Poor sleep can leave you tired and a danger behind the wheel. Plus, regulations require a period of mandated rest after driving a certain number of hours.

A sleepover in a fancy hotel would be ideal but for most truck drivers, a built-in sleeper is the only realistic option. Before you lease a truck, make sure that the sleeper has enough space and will provide a comfortable space to rest.

Food Storage

If you are cutting it fine on a deadline and can’t afford to take time out for a sit-down meal, food storage would help ensure you do not miss out on vital nutrition. A small built-in refrigeration compartment is therefore a lifesaver for truck drivers.

Alternatively, you can bring a cooler on the road if there is adequate space on the truck. The secret to staying healthy on the road is getting enough food, water and rest – all of which can be achieved with the right living space.

If you are interested in leasing a new truck that is affordable on your budget, Bulldog Truck Sales has solutions. Call today for further information – even if you have bad credit.

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