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Bulldog Truck & Equipment Sales is a BBB Accredited Truck Dealer in Cumming, GA
Bulldog Truck Sales, Atlanta, GA
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Bulldog Truck & Equipment Sales is a BBB Accredited Truck Dealer in Cumming, GA

DOT Inspections

Bulldog Truck Sales in Atlanta, Georgia is a truck leasing company. Our truck leasing program is designed to help you get back to work and on the road. Part of our leasing plan includes a DOT inspection and a two-year warranty on all our leases.

In addition to DOT Inspection And Two Year Warranty, Bulldog Lease Plan Includes:

  1. Short term (36-42 month) lease purchase agreement
  2. Low fixed monthly payments of $1,750 to $2,250 depending on vehicle type and mileage.
  3. Credit scores as low as 500 accepted.

DOT Inspections

Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections ensure all your CMV parts and accessories are safe for use and in good condition and functioning properly. A DOT inspection involves six primary levels.

Levels of Inspection

Level 1 – North American Standard Inspection – This level of inspection involves a meticulous review of your documents. They also will inspect for drugs, alcohol or other hazardous materials you may be transporting.

Level 2 – Walk Around Driver/Inspection of Vehicle – This level mirrors level 1. However, your inspector will not check any parts that require getting under your CMV.

Level 3 – Driver-Only Inspection – This level focuses on an in-depth look at you. Items such as your driver’s license, medical card, driver’s log, seatbelt, inspection report, driver incident history, and Hazmat requirements are all inspected.

Level 4 – Special Inspection – This is a special inspection and a one-time examination to look at a specific feature of your vehicle. It is usually conducted in response to a previous claim about your vehicle.

Level 5 – Vehicle-Only Inspection – This level is conducted without your presence and includes everything in a level one inspection.

Level 6 – Enhanced NAS Inspection for Radioactive Shipments – This inspection includes inspecting for radiological shipments and requirements, procedures, and enhanced out of service criteria and level 1 inspection.

Bulldog Truck Leasing Professionals

Even if you have bad credit, you may still qualify for one of our affordable truck leasing programs and financing options. Contact our truck leasing professionals today or call our office to speak with one of our knowledgeable and professional staff members.

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Long Hours On The Road Provide You With Long Listening Hours

“Never underestimate the therapeutic power of driving and listening to very loud music.” – The Mind Unleashed

It’s no secret that truck drivers spend many hours on the road. When driving you have a lot to consider and navigate. However, there are also hours when you’re able to both listen and drive at the same time. Listening to something can be an effective way to keep your mind engaged and alert while covering many miles as well.

Suggestions For Your Road Trip Listening Pleasure

Playlists – Why not consider making a playlist of your favorite tunes or genre of music? Consider mixing up the songs and variety of music to keep it interesting. If you’re not so tech savvy and you’re not sure how to make a playlist on your phone, you can go here for “How To Create A Playlist On Your Phone.”

Podcasts – If you need a change from listening to music, why not consider listening to a podcast? Podcasts are informative and entertaining ways to pass your time on the road. They offer a wide variety of topics, and you can learn something along the way. All Truck Jobs lists the “Best Trucking Podcasts of 2018” here.

Audiobooks – Trucking and reading books are not a good combination for many, obvious reasons. However, you can have books read to you on audiobooks. Almost all books are available for your listening pleasure. Take the time to download them before you hit the road.

Bulldog Truck Sales has high quality, late model commercial trucks at affordable prices, attractive terms with creative financing and lease programs available. Come see us today!

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Significant Impacts On The Trucking Industry

If you’re a trucker, you know what it takes to get your truck from Point A to Point B. Keeping your eyes on the wheel, navigating the roads, maintaining a safe truck and following the rules of the road are all a big part of your job. However, another big part of your job is to keep a much broader eye on industries and laws that could make a significant impact on your bottom line and your career.

NAFTA is one thing you probably are keeping your eye on these days. Since Trump was elected into office speculation has been going around that we may soon pull out of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). This agreement was initially signed in 1994 as a free trade agreement among the United States, Mexico, and Canada. This agreement reduced or eliminated tariffs and other restrictions on trade among the three countries. The trucking industry has gained significant benefits from this free movement of goods. It’s important to keep an eye on this to stay clear about how trucking companies can operate under the new trade pact.

The ELD mandate is something else you have probably been watching as truckers. April 1, 2018, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) started penalizing fleets, and drivers found to be noncompliant by putting them out of service.

The trucking industry is ever changing. However, Bulldog Truck Sales’ commitment to serving clients has never wavered. Come see how we can get you in a truck that you buy or lease. We have high quality, late model commercial trucks at affordable prices. We have attractive terms with creative financing and lease programs available. Come see us today.

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Good News Surrounding Truck Driving

Bulldog Truck Sales is pleased to see all of the recent good news that is surrounding the truck driving industry.

According to the Department of Labor’s monthly Employment Situation Report, the for-hire trucking industry added jobs on a month-to-month basis in December 2018.

According to TruckersNews, “Trucking’s addition of 2,900 jobs came amid strong employment growth in the U.S. economy, which added 312,000 jobs in December – one of the largest gains of 2018.” In addition, “On a year-over-year basis, industry employment was up 36,000 jobs from December 2017.”

In another article in TruckersNews they explain, “Pay increases help drive down the 2018 third quarter.” They explain that the drop in turnover can be potentially explained in a few ways,” Costello (The American Trucking Associations’ Chief Economist) said.

  1. Large pay increases fleets have been offering.
  2. Drivers are remaining with their current carrier.
  3. A softening of freight markets in the third quarter.

Bulldog Truck Sales is pleased to celebrate the good news surrounding the trucking industry. If you want to enter into this exciting industry, we can help. We offer big rig trucks for lease and even offer bad credit leasing programs.

If you had credit issues in the past, but are currently stable and ready to work, we offer you various truck financing and loan options.

For more good news, call our truck leasing professionals today or call our office and speak to one of our knowledgeable and professional staff members. We look forward to serving you with more good news related to the trucking industry.

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Driving Safely In 2019

Happy New Year from our entire team at Bulldog Truck Sales. We’re proud to serve you and all our clients with the best products at the highest level of customer service available to you. We’re dedicated to getting you in the right truck for your specific needs and wants.

As you enter into your truck in 2019, it’s time to reevaluate and freshen up on your driving as you hit the highways in the New Year. Bulldog Truck Sales would like to remind you of three small but very important steps to take to ensure you’re driving your truck safely in 2019.

  1. Maintain your truck. Keep up-to-date with the regular and routine maintenance steps for your particular truck. Not only will this keep your truck running efficiently and safely, but it will also give you a peace of mind, knowing that you’re behind the wheel of a safe vehicle.
  2. Pre-plan your trips. Navigating your trip while trying to drive is a sure way of becoming more prone to accidents. As you’re pre-planning, also check the weather to avoid any possible dangerous weather conditions you may encounter.
  3. Avoid distractions while on the road. Put any potential distractions out of reach so they’re not tempting to grab and become a dangerous distraction.

Bulldog Truck Sales specializes in getting you and keeping you on the road. We provide financing to owner operators and small fleets. Apply with us today and we may be able to get you same day approval. Come see us today.

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As Diesel Prices Are About To Rise, Consider Ways To Lower Your Usage

Have you heard that diesel prices are predicted to increase? This can be a little bit of a scary consideration, especially when your job depends on diesel to fuel your work in more ways than one. As you consider that diesel prices are about to rise, you can also consider ways to reduce your usage to keep increased costs down.

According to an August article in Forbes, Robert Rapier explains “Why Diesel Prices Are Set To Soar.” He states that, “The world is ticking down to a deadline that promises to have major ramification in the global fuel markets. On January 1, 202, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will require the sulfur content in marine fuel to drop from a maximum of 3.5% down to 0.5%.”

Rapier goes on to explain that due to the phasing in of ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) in 2006, and the investment of billions of dollars for equipment to remove the sulfur, it drove up the price of diesel. Rapier projects that “it seems certain that diesel prices are set to rise, and perhaps significantly.”

With the almost certainty of a diesel fuel increase, it’s important to reminded about ways to reduce the amount of your fuel consumption. Here are ways to help you conserve fuel.

  1. Stick to a steady speed. You can do this by keeping a good distance from you and other vehicles so you don’t have to brake and speed up constantly. Anticipate stopping and allow your truck to slow naturally. Stopping and going, slowing down and speeding up all are bad for fuel economy.
  2. Stop idling your truck.
  3. Use Shore Power if you have it.

Contact Bulldog Truck Sales today.

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Atlanta Is The American Transportation Research Institute’s Top Truck Bottleneck City for 2018

If you live in Atlanta, you probably are not shocked to learn that the American Transportation Research (ATRI) Institute named the city of Atlanta as #1 in the 2018 Top 100 Truck Bottleneck List. Each year, since 2002, the ATRI has collected and processed truck GPS data. They do this “in support of the Federal Highway Administrations’ Freight Performance Measures initiative, a program that maintains and monitors a series of performance measures related to the nation’s truck-based freight transportation system.” They see the value to measuring freight movement performance so we can better understand where and what level future investments should be made.

This effort by the ATRI will help stakeholders in both the private and public sectors better understand the severity of congestion and mobility constraints on the U.S. highway transportation system. Through the testing and measurements completed, it was found that Atlanta, Georgia (I-285 at I-85 North) is the largest bottleneck area in the United States. In addition to this stretch of highway, several other areas of Atlanta also made the list including:

  • #4 1-75 at I-285 North
  • #17 I-20 at I-285 West
  • #46 I-20 at I-285 East
  • #79 1-20 at I-75/I-85
  • #90 I-75 at I-85
  • #95 I-75 at I-675

In addition to this information, the ARTI also found that the most critical challenges facing the trucking industry in 2017 were: Driver Shortage, ELD Mandate, Hours of Service, Truck Parking and Driver Retention.

At Bulldog Truck Sales, we want to help you and other drivers be a solution to some of these issues facing the trucking industry. We proudly serve in Cumming, Georgia and Mesa, Arizona. Come see us today and let’s discuss ways we can get you in a truck through our leasing programs.

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The DRIVE-Safe Act

Have you heard of the DRIVE-Safe Act that relates to the shortage of truck drivers in the United States?

The act explains the problem as:

“As we work to strengthen America’s roads, bridges, and highways, it’s important that our workforce keeps pace with our infrastructure improvements.”

The act’s solution suggested is:

“The Developing Responsible Individuals for a Vibrant Economy Act”, or the DRIVE-Safe Act would allow employers to provide CDL holders below the age of 21 with an extensive apprenticeship program that will prepare them to be able to drive interstate commerce.”

There are a number of factors that have contributed to the truck driver shortage. An aging workforce without young talent to fill the pipeline is the primary contributing factor. This shortage has hurt the food industry and other vital industries as well.

It is yet to be seen if this DRIVE-Safe Act will pass in the House or Senate. It’s also unknown what kind of impact this act may have on the shortage of truck drivers. If passed, it has the potential to help 18 to 21 year olds extend the routes they can drive, but it’s not clear if the new legislation will be able to fill the shortage of truck drivers in the industry.

To follow the latest updates on H.R. 5358: DRIVE-Safe Act you can go to govtrack. Why not let Bulldog Truck Sales get you into a truck to get you on the road to help fill the truck driver shortage that our nation is facing? We have high quality, late model commercial trucks at affordable prices, attractive terms with creative financing and lease programs available.

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Your Credit Score And Your Ability To Lease A Truck

At Bulldog Truck Sales, we are passionate about getting you into a quality brand name truck at an affordable price. We have a leasing program that is designed to help you if you have experienced credit issues in the past, but are now stable and ready to get back to work.

Bulldog’s Leasing Plan Includes:

  1. Short term (36-42 month) lease purchase agreement
  2. Low fixed payments of $1,400 to $1,950 per month
  3. All leases include a two year warranty and DOT inspection
  4. Credit scores as low as 500 accepted

The Road to Good Credit

Just like driving a truck, driving your credit scores up requires good direction, careful attention and time. If you are working on getting your credit score increased so you can get back to driving, here are a few tips that may help you speed up the process and raise your credit score.

  1. Just as you use GPS to guide you on where and when to turn on the road, use a payment reminder system to help guide and remind you where and when to make a payment. Losing track of payments can get you lost. You can request text reminders and even set up automatic payments so you won’t miss another payment and drop your credit score.
  2. Pay off your credit cards a.s.a.p. Choose the highest interest cards first, then work your way through the others. In addition to paying them off, stop using them as well.
  3. Seek assistance from a credit counseling service. This will not hurt your credit score.

Contact Bulldog Truck Sales today. Even if you have bad credit, you may still qualify for one of our affordable truck leasing programs and financing option.

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Conducting a Fuel Efficient Checkup

Checkups are important in every area of our lives. Report cards, annual doctor visits and work reviews are all a part of the quality assurance process. They make us pause and examine what we’re doing to see if we’re on the right track, and then make necessary adjustments for higher outcomes.

With this in mind, let’s conduct a fuel efficiency checkup to see how you’re doing and highlight any areas or practices that you could change to get optimal results from your fuel at the lowest possible cost.

  1. Speed Management – Have you ever heard the term about the ‘means to an end?’ It refers to how you get to the end of whatever it is you’re doing. This is important when considering the act of getting to your end destination while driving. The ‘means’ is important. Managing your speed will help give you optimal fuel economy. Increased speeds result in decrease fuel economy.
  2. Weight Management- Check to ensure that you’re not carrying unnecessary items in your truck. Increased weight equals decreased fuel economy. Minimize the extras in your truck that you can do without.
  3. Pressure Management- Make it a practice to routinely check the pressure in your tires. If you notice a tire is frequently low on pressure, check it and replace. Overly inflated tires create over-paying on your fuel.

How are you doing on your fuel efficiency habits? Changing poor fuel efficiency habits could result in saving you hundreds of dollars over time. Come in to see us at Bulldog Truck Sales. We have high quality, late model commercial trucks at affordable prices, attractive terms with creative financing and lease programs available for you. We care about you and your wallet, let us show you how.

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